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What Is An Insurance Quote?

A quote is an insurer's estimate of how much it will charge to issue a new policy.

Collecting quotes from one or more insurance companies (or insurance companies) is the first step in purchasing a new insurance policy. Each quote tells you how much each company will charge you for a new policy and what the coverage will look like if you decide to buy one.

When you seek a new quote from an insurance company, they will ask you some details about yourself and the property you want to insure. Each offer is customized for the person who bought it. For example, if you're looking for a home insurance quote, the insurance company will ask about your home, its location, what kind of plumbing it has, what the roof is made of, and more. Each of these details is a factor in the purchase price of the policy, so insurance companies need to know in order to issue an accurate quote.

The quoting process is also when customers decide what kind of coverage they want in their new policy. Override selection affects quotes.

Not every insurance provider's quote process is the same. Each insurance company has its own factors that determine premiums, so they ask different questions during the quote process. Also, not every insurance company offers the same coverage, so you may get different options depending on which insurance company you get a quote from.

Once you have selected your coverage and provided the necessary information, the insurance company will give you a quote.

The key information for a quote is, of course, the price. However, your insurance quote will also tell you how much coverage the insurance company offers at that price.

If you like what's in the quote, you can continue the process and tell the insurance company that you want to buy the policy. However, you are not obligated to do so; it is normal to get quotes from several different insurance companies, but you will only end up buying from one insurance company.

Once you decide to buy a policy, all that's left is to pay your first premium. However, in some cases, the insurance company will ask you to provide some additional information before issuing a new policy. They might want a photo of your house, or they might want an appraisal document for expensive jewelry. In some cases, they may agree to immediately start reporting through the binder and then gather more information. Sometimes, like when you're closing your new home, you need to get insurance quickly and don't have time to wait for a jewelry appraisal.

Quotes are usually very close to the final cost of the policy, but not always the same. After you decide to purchase a quote, the insurance company may adjust the final price based on other information collected from you.

How do I get a home insurance quote?

Getting an insurance quote for your home is simple. Many home insurance companies, such as Square One, have online systems where you can get a home insurance quote. If you prefer a more human touch, you can contact the insurance company directly and speak with an insurance agent.

You can also get insurance quotes through independent brokers. The broker will first collect your information, then obtain that information and obtain quotes from various insurance companies on your behalf. Buying insurance through a broker can be convenient, but many people prefer to deal directly with their insurance provider.

Whichever method you take, you just provide the insurance company with the information they ask for and they'll give you a quote.

Usually, this is a quick process. With Square One's online quote system, you can get a home insurance quote in under 5 minutes. It may take longer if you go through a broker, or if the insurance company needs information you don't have ready.

How do I choose an insurance quote to buy?

When you're in the market for a new insurance policy, it's a good idea to gather some quotes before deciding. Getting quotes from 3 to 6 different insurance providers is enough to give you confidence that you're getting the best quote.

Of course, if you're perfectly happy with the first offer you received, there's nothing wrong with going for it.

When choosing multiple quotes, most insurance customers focus only on price. Price is of course an important factor - you want to make sure you're getting a fair deal - but also make sure to analyze the coverage each offer offers.

If one policy costs $10 more than another but has double the coverage, you may have to pay $10 more. Alternatively, a more expensive policy might already include higher-risk coverage—such as earthquakes—instead of a cheaper policy that only offers earthquakes as an optional add-on.

It's also a factor to consider if any of your offers have difficulty understanding the coverage they provide. Insurance policies don't have to be hard to understand! You may prefer to choose quotes from insurance c

Companies that make their coverage and exclusions easy to understand.

After all, buying insurance is not like buying a can of milk. You are establishing a long-term relationship with a new insurance company. It pays to find someone you trust.

Again, consider your experience with each offer. Is the insurance company's website transparent and the information is easy to understand, or do you have to dig it yourself to find it? Is their online quoting system easy to use? If you talk to an agent, are you satisfied with their customer service? Positive answers to these questions may lead you to an insurance company with whom you have a good relationship.

Can Insurance Quotes Hurt Your Credit?

There is a common misconception that getting an insurance quote can hurt your credit rating.

  • Many insurance companies perform a credit check as part of the quote process. However, these checks are soft credit checks, which means they don't affect your credit rating.
  • An insurance quote is an insurance company's estimate of the cost of a new policy.
  • Insurance quotes include details about what insurance will be provided if the customer goes ahead with the purchase.
  • Customers can use the online system, contact insurance companies directly or obtain insurance quotes through insurance brokers.
  • When purchasing a new policy, it is standard practice to obtain several different insurance quotes and choose the one that best suits your situation.
  • Insurance quotes will not affect your credit rating.

Looking for another insurance definition? Find it in the Insurance Glossary, which contains easy-to-understand definitions for dozens of the most common insurance terms. Or, get an online quote for personalized home insurance pricing in 5 minutes.

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