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FPS Game Booster Pro Mod: App tăng tốc tối ưu FPS cho Android

FPS Game Booster Optimizer Pro helps to speed up your game. Memory is freed up immediately at the start of the game, freeing up more space for your games to make your games smoother. Game Booster frees up your phone memory and closes unused applications / tasks to increase the best environment for your Android game.

FPS Game Booster can make your game run faster, it frees up memory before launching your game. Enhance games or applications and make games and applications run smoother. If you get tired of game speed not enough for your favorite games and apps, just download the best game booster app for the best gaming experience!

- Increase your device performance with just one touch. Optimize CPU, RAM and more for maximum gaming and performance!
- RAM booster: Clean ram and boost your phone and you can set ignore list based on your own personal needs.
- Enhance your game and other apps by freeing up RAM!
- Play game without delay.
- Benchmarking (Antutu, Geekbench, Quadrant)
- Max Speed Booster, Phone Cleaner, FPS Optimized to optimize gaming experience.
- Not late
- Hardware acceleration output
Admin (6.7.20)
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